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Why does the cotton burn

June 17, 2021

Latest company news about Why does the cotton burn

Many new players may have had this problem, happy to do a silk, loaded with cotton, drop on the new oil, did not smoke for a long time to find a paste smell, open the atomizer to check, found that the cotton in the middle section of the heating wire was burned black or even burned off, that is why? And how to avoid it? This issue to answer questions and solve this problem for you in detail.


The occurrence of the phenomenon of oil-conducting cotton burning paste or even burned off, according to the reasons for its occurrence can be divided into four categories (hereinafter collectively referred to as burned off): 

1. temperature control mode burn off.
2. burned off after the use of new varieties of tobacco oil.
3. ordinary power mode use burn off.
4. the use of oil guide cotton performance differences.
Let's analyze and answer one by one.

Temperature-controlled mode burned off the cotton.


First of all, analyze the reason, temperature control mode, because the temperature of the heating wire in the chip adjustment will not reach a very high temperature, so the normal use of cotton is not likely to occur when the phenomenon of burning off, then the reasons are roughly the following.


A. The use of heating wire material and the selected mode does not match.
B. The initial power is too high, or the chip on the temperature control mode of computing defects.
C. The use of NI200 heating wire with heating wire contact with each other or dense winding caused by short circuit.
D. Using TI/SS heating wire dense winding for temperature control when the heating wire is not fully oxidized, resulting in a short circuit between the coil and the coil (can also be interpreted as the coil is not burned well, local short circuit, uneven heating of the heating wire).


A. Check whether the host temperature control mode material options are consistent with the heating wire material.
B. Reduce the power, while checking whether the temperature control temperature is too high.
C. Check whether the heating wire contact or cross phenomenon, the spacing will be pulled apart to prevent local short circuit.
D. re-fired wire to confirm whether the oxidation is complete, there is no short circuit occurs, whether the heat is uniform (in fact, the temperature control or loosely wound good ah).

2. After replacing the new variety of tobacco oil occurs after the cotton burn off phenomenon.

Similarly, analyze the cause of cotton burn off, in the use of other tobacco oil did not occur when the phenomenon of paste core, then that is not the problem of the coil, then the possible causes are as follows.

A. Generally, the VG/PG ratio of the smoke oil from low VG smoke oil to high VG smoke oil caused by the low VG smoke oil has good fluidity to meet the atomizer core original smoke oil supply consumption ratio, after switching to high VG smoke oil, the fluidity of the smoke oil decreases, the oil guide cotton oil guide speed decreases, the supply of oil is insufficient to trigger the atomizer core dry burn, resulting in burned cotton.

B. Some of the formulations of tobacco oil in addition to the conventional VG/PG/flavoring/nicotine also added other ingredients (such as elemental orange flavor), resulting in a very viscous oil, carbon build-up is strong, after a period of time due to carbon buildup in the heating wire will produce local heat, resulting in the oil guide cotton burned off.


A. Replace the liquidity of the oil, or the atomizer oil guide cotton treatment, in reducing the amount of cotton feet cotton at the same time make it more fluffy, increase the oil guide performance.

B. Solution as the previous article.
Here to say more about a special phenomenon, in the outside temperature is very low will also increase the viscosity of the oil, reduce its fluidity, and even crystallization phenomenon, causing oil guide problems lead to paste core or burned cotton, friends living in the north need to pay attention to, you can use low power preheating solution.


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3. Ordinary power mode use under the burned oil guide cotton.


This situation is experienced by many people in the novice period, let's analyze, power mode burned cotton, can be roughly divided into two reasons, respectively, the heat is too high and the installation of oil guide cotton is not handled well, broken down as follows.


A. coil winding is not handled well, or wear cotton when the coil is pulled askew, both sides of the coil heating is not synchronized, resulting in one side of the cotton within the smoke oil is drained first, causing dry burning, burned off the oil guide cotton.

B. The same is not handled well coil, local heat serious, or wear cotton will be distorted coil, coil deformation after the heat is not uniform, resulting in a point in the coil heat is too high, the smoke oil in the evaporation can not well reduce the local temperature of the coil, resulting in the oil guide cotton is burned.

C. Cotton is not handled well, too tight or too loose, too tight will affect the performance of the cotton oil guide, the supply of smoke oil is insufficient resulting in atomization core dry burn; too loose will make part of the coil does not touch the oil guide cotton and can not be cooled by evaporating smoke oil, resulting in the oil guide cotton burned off.

D. After replacing the atomizer did not pay attention to change the power (part of the host does not prompt the resistance to change the confirmation option), the power is too high resulting in the coil evaporation rate exceeds the supply rate of the smoke oil, dry burning resulting in the oil guide cotton burned off.

A. Remove the cotton, re-fire the wire, check whether the screws have been tightened, whether there is loose, adjust the heating wire tension, confirm that both sides of the coil synchronous heating can be re-cotton to start using it, pay attention to wear cotton when not to pull the coil crooked.

B. The solution is the same as item A.

C. Recalculate the amount of oil-guiding cotton needed for the coil, re-wear the oil-guiding cotton, such as still occurring paste core phenomenon, and then increase or reduce the amount of oil-guiding cotton as appropriate.

D. Replace the oil guide cotton, and adjust the host power to a suitable value.


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4. using different oil guide cotton performance differences.

This one is a lot of people have met the problem, because the cotton production method is different, their oil conductivity, high temperature resistance, the ability to store cigarette oil are different, let's say: a person used to use a natural organic makeup cotton like Indigo, when he bought a fiber oil guide cotton, then the original cotton handling habits to the cotton, it is possible that because of the cotton oil absorption time, oil conductivity, the oil storage capacity and other differences and trigger the paste wick.

Then this problem can only be solved by the player himself by familiar with the performance of this oil guide cotton after adjusting the amount of cotton or change the treatment of oil guide cotton.


Electronic cigarette is a simple to say simple, complex to say complex things, need to be in the cotton, heating coil, smoke oil, power, atomizer structure and other aspects of precise cooperation, in order to get a perfect experience, any aspect of the problem, will greatly affect the experience of the players, appear paste core, poor taste and other problems, so each part of the processing is worthy of your attention, so that you can get an excellent smoke experience.

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