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Chinalight (Shenzhen) Import&Export Co.,Ltd.

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Profile       GENERTEC was found in 1998. It is an important state-owned enterprise which is directly managed by the central government. GENERTEC is an advanced equipment manufacturer, international engineering contractor, pharmaceutical production and supplier, technical sevice and consultant and construction real estate.       On july 22,2019,GENERTEC was No.485 in World’s Top 500 and on september 1st, GENERTEC was No.51 in Chinese Top 500. In 2020, GENERTEC was selected in SASAC of the State Council’s list of “demonstration enterprises for science and technology reform”.       Zhongqing Shenzhen Import&Export Corp.,Ltd was found in 1995.It is a secondary branch of GENERTEC which is held controlling interest by Chinalight (first level branch of GENERTEC).       Scope of business: import and export trade, internal commerce,material supply and marketing industry (excluding state-specialized commodities), home rental, cosmetics, building materials and arts(excluding ivory and its products) wholesale and retail, technical development of medical devices and supplies, raw materials for class 1 medical device,shoes, cap,gloves, disinfection product, drug sundries, labour protection appliance and medical supplies wholesale and retail,new energy products wholesale and retail (new energy vehicles, ebike, emotorbike, digital power supply, electrical tool, digital furniture, smart wearables).       We have 80000+ clients around the world and our products cover 95% trades(livelihood, mining industry, aviation, medical treatment, new energy, grain and oil, metal raw material, paper,etc.       Let’s become core strategic partners and create a win-win partnership.  

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