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How to daily "maintenance" nebulizer?

July 26, 2021

Latest company news about How to daily "maintenance" nebulizer?

1、How to clean the nebulizer normally?


There are many ways to clean the nebulizer, such as with alcohol, water, ultrasonic cleaning machine and so on. Today to share personal common cleaning methods, preparation: baking soda, a bowl of water, tweezers, a number of cleaning towels or dust-free paper.


A, decomposition of the atomizer, atomizer can be divided into: base, oil compartment, base three major parts. After disassembling the atomizer, all the rubber ring removal, if you are afraid to remember the rubber ring placement, please follow the disassembly order of the rubber ring position, but need to pay attention to try not to remove the small spare parts, cleaning in the loss of small accessories happen from time to time.

B. Use 1:20 baking soda and cold (warm) water to mix well. Disassemble the rubber ring atomizer soak into the water, 10 minutes later you will see the water becomes light yellow. At this point, you can do a little stirring, so that the atomizer impurities removed. Use tweezers to fish out to another cup.

C, rinse well with water, use a dry rag or paper towel to dry the water on the atomizer, or dry it.

Note: baking soda can remove the taste of atomizer can impurities, pure water cleaning can not completely remove the odor of tobacco oil.


2、How to store the nebulizer reasonably when not in use?


Now most of the nebulizer is 304, 316 stainless steel, that we have used how to store?

First of all, clean the atomizer, after cleaning, need to ensure that the atomizer dry, dry rubber ring and no excess water beads, so as not to rust. While assembling the atomizer, you can dab a little pure VG on the rubber ring and threads to avoid rusting and locking of the atomizer threads and air-drying of the rubber ring. Due to the use of pure VG also will not let the atomizer produce odor.

3, atomizer how to use can extend the life


Atomizer is a metal component, a long time not standardized use, do not pay attention to details can cause the screw scrap, thread scratching, oil leakage is the rubber ring scrap, insulation pad deformation occurs. Then how can we lengthen the life of the use of it?


A, we should pay attention to the use of the production of atomization core, locking the wire in place can, remember not to screw to death.

B, atomizer interface thread scratching is often the installation process, so we should pay attention to the installation of threads can not use brute force installation, to back half a turn, so that the threads docked before screwing in.

C, atomizer oil leakage is the main reason we give up the atomizer, before confirming the scrapping of the atomizer, please do a serious atomization core again to confirm whether it is a problem with the structure of the atomizer itself, after focusing on the rubber ring seal to check.

D, burning wire process irregularities, temperature overheating will lead to insulation pad fusion deformation and scrap. At this time we can shorten the burning time, or heating intermittent let the atomizer cooling to ensure the insulation pad integrity.


4、How long can the atomizer last?


Atomizer in the end how long it can be used, this question is eight quit when the newbie is asking. And the same atomizer to buy two think replaceable accessories, and later found that there is no point. The body of the atomizer is a metal item, very sturdy. Atomizer easy to lose is some parts, such as: glass bin, rubber ring, screws, threads, insulation pad such small accessories, most of the product packaging will come with accessories bag.


Atomizer use or idle, the correct operation and cleaning, maintenance, will greatly increase the life of the atomizer.

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