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Five tips for smokers transitioning to e-cigarettes

May 4, 2021

Latest company news about Five tips for smokers transitioning to e-cigarettes

This is the French player Ghyslain ARMAND through their own experience, summed up 5 points of little experience, for the old smokers to electronic cigarette enthusiasts reference learning, so that out of scholars can be very convenient and direct to find the right electronic cigarette oil.


The first thing to understand what this thing is, and clear their expectations.

At the beginning of the period you should understand that the electronic cigarette is not a cigarette roll, no tobacco, and can not be lit. This is an atomization device through the heating wire and atomizing cotton will be electronic cigarette oil (with or without nicotine) atomization, and then inhaled into the lungs, to play a role in the feeling of smoking, the basic components of the oil usually have five kinds: o Part PG (propylene glycol)

· A part of PG (propylene glycol) is mainly used to produce vapor and delivery of nicotine and flavoring.
· A portion of VG (vegetable glycerin) is primarily used to increase the density of the vapor produced (making it thicker and whiter) and also to deliver nicotine and flavorings.
· A small amount of food grade flavoring (artificial or natural) is used to impart various flavors to the vapor.
· Water
· Alcohol

It is important to note that e-cigarettes are a great way to reduce health risks for older smokers who are addicted to cigarettes. The significance is even more evident when compared to traditional cigarettes, which kill about 73,000 people a year in France and according to the Belsize Report tobacco companies earn 47 billion euros a year (including 14 billion in taxes).

The flavouring ingredients mentioned above have been approved by the food and drug industry long ago and are known to be healthy for use in the food and drug industry. Although a small amount of the ingredient (nicotine) has been proven to contain minor toxicological properties by some reputable research institutions, and more scientific evidence is urgently needed to support the theory, it is important to understand that inhalation is not the same as ingestion, and there are many similarities with the nicotine substitutes available in pharmacies.

On the one hand, some studies (lab reports) have reported very small amounts of nitrosamines, formaldehyde and acrolein in e-cigarette vapor, which makes e-cigarettes controversial. But on the other hand, the other positive aspect is that there are many formal health institutions that accept the use of e-cigarettes. It is important to note that the atomization process of e-cigarette vapor does not contain the carbon monoxide and tar of traditional cigarettes, eliminating a large portion of the health hazards. 

2. Buy a good vape oil

Do not try to find the taste of a real cigarette, the difference is huge. But the pleasure brought by e-cigarettes compared to traditional cigarettes is relative or perhaps better, is the need for good quality vaping oil, method and time.

It may sound silly, but the different vaping oils can really show the difference between e-cigarettes, especially for beginners, good vaping oils can make you like e-cigarettes within a minute, and bad vaping oils may not want to try again after the first puff. The key is to filter the oils, be sure to try different types of e-cigarette oils to find one that is best for you both in terms of taste and nicotine content.

3. Don't completely stop smoking cigarettes in the beginning

This third point is for individuals quitting the act of smoking. Know that quitting smoking is painful, as intense and depressing as being in hell. Don't force yourself to completely stop contacting regular cigarettes all at once and just smoke e-cigarettes directly. The initial process of quitting is always full of disappointment, but don't give up on e-cigarettes just because they are only a 70% substitute. On the contrary, it shows that e-cigarettes have played a very significant role in your quitting journey.
The author spent several months slowly reducing the amount of cigarettes he smoked to the point where he finally gave up cigarettes completely and only used e-cigarettes. This process needs to be done naturally, like for example I only smoked one less cigarette today, but relative to yesterday that was effective. You can try to try this method, after a period of time there are certainly results. 

4. often communicate in blogs and forums

In blogs and forums and other friends to communicate more exchange of electronic cigarettes related topics, the power of the group helps to strengthen the confidence away from ordinary cigarettes.
E-cigarettes are a device that can be a bit complicated for beginners (learning curve will be mentioned). So the author suggests that beginners can learn to communicate more in the forum, the forum is generally very enthusiastic and friendly to answer your various questions.

5. electronic cigarette oil diversity

The beauty of e-cigarettes is that it can bring you different kinds of fun. Different brands are likely to have different ingredients, although the same flavor, but the effect of vapor may be completely different. Now there are many kinds of electronic cigarette oil on the market, the United States, France, China, Britain, Malaysia, the Philippines and so on. But the best reputation or the United States of America's vapor oil, but the price is expensive. French vape oil Chinese market has not been completely opened, but it is known that the French spices worldwide civilization, I believe that French vape oil will bring more and better products to the majority of Chinese e-cigarette enthusiasts.

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